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Tips For Limo & Car Service First Timers

1. Don’t Use The Glasses When renting a limo or car service, don’t use the glasses. We know this sounds nuts, but seriously, don’t drink out of the glasses. Limousine companies aren’t restaurants so they rarely have a dishwasher. If the glasses are cleaned, it’s typically by the driver using Windex. 2. Provide Stops Ahead[…]

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Choosing a Limo Company

  Making the decision on which airport limo service or limo company to book with can be tricky. Sometimes there’s a bit of a “smoke and mirrors” show going on, pricing inconsistencies, and even dangerous business tactics that you don’t realize until it’s too late! Here are the 4 questions that you probably forgot to[…]

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A Cautionary Tale

Let’s get hypothetical for a moment: say you’re engaged, and have gotten to the part of the wedding plans where bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding day transportation is next on your list of things to take care of. You are, admittedly, on a time crunch and simply don’t devote the proper amount of time to researching[…]

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us? We believe it is unnecessary to get in a car with a stranger. We believe personal comfort is about more than just great vehicles. Our focus is on delighting one to four passengers with extraordinary reliability, safety, choice, and comfort. From confirmations with driver pictures and bios, to snacks and personable drivers—we[…]

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Taxi vs Limo

What is the difference between a taxi, and a limousine? There is a legitimate need and role for both taxis and limousines; but they are quite different—especially here in the Australian market, so it is important to be aware and informed. That way you can get the services you want, at the price point you[…]