A Cautionary Tale

Let’s get hypothetical for a moment: say you’re engaged, and have gotten to the part of the wedding plans where bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding day transportation is next on your list of things to take care of. You are, admittedly, on a time crunch and simply don’t devote the proper amount of time to researching limo companies in your area. You think surely it will be alright, even if the one you’ve selected turns out to be not so great. They’re only responsible for driving you, after all, right?

Wrong. The limousine company you select, no matter the occasion, is (and should be) responsible for much more than simply driving you and your wedding party or bachelor/bachelorette friend group around all night. What exactly should you be getting from the limousine company you book? What can happen if you foul up when selecting the limousine company for your big occasion? We’ve got a few examples of how failing to research limousine companies before you book can be a major mistake.


In the transportation business, there is a marked difference between the word “chauffeur” and the word “driver.” The most notable difference lies in the names: a driver does nothing more than drive. A chauffeur chauffeurs. Many people don’t understand the importance of having a chauffeur instead of a driver until they have their first experience with bad customer service from their “driver.” A chauffeur is a professional employee who has experience in customer service and is a devoted member of the company he or she represents. This means a chauffeur takes pride in the quality and types of services he or she offers, and places a high premium on providing clients with a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience.

A driver, on the other hand, usually has no experience or expertise in customer service and usually provides only the bare minimum when it comes to extra safety precautions or friendliness in making sure that your big occasion is everything it could be.


When planning for a big event like a wedding, a prom, a bachelor/bachelorette party or long-term corporate travel transportation, peace of mind goes a long way when making your decision on which company to hire for the job.

Peace of mind in your transportation company is virtually impossible if you don’t know that the company you’ve booked with has the right insurance, in the correct amount, with all premiums and policies updated religiously. Heaven forbid something should go wrong during your experience with the company and you and your family not be covered on all fronts when it comes to insurance. Don’t trust just any company with yours and your family and friends’ safety. Make sure the company you select has up-to-date and adequate insurance; it’s the only way to have real peace of mind when your big event rolls around.


One of the main reasons people book chauffeured transportation like limousines and luxury SUVs is the extra pizzazz that driving such a snazzy car gives to their big night or special day. You want the car to be clean, well-running and immaculate on the inside. A limousine company that isn’t worth its salt won’t pay special attention to the care of leather upholstery or see to it that the chrome rims on the vehicle are cleaned and sparkling before they pick you up. As a paying customer, you deserve your vehicle to be in the most pristine of conditions. Only a reputable and trustworthy company will deliver that to you each and every time.

When it comes to booking chauffeured car service, like in the majority of situations in life, the more research you do, the more likely you are to come out having booked a company that will only make your big day better. Finding the company that hires professional chauffeurs, offers pristine vehicles and always has the right insurance will provide you with the confidence you need to really shine on your big day or special night out.